What is your dress code?

Smart Casual is the style we prefer to use. Jeans are acceptable and shorts are fine to wear in the warm weather months. No hats for gentlemen indoors, please. We like to think that you can be comfortable in our restaurant in a tuxedo or a t-shirt. Just make it a nice t-shirt…

Can I make a reservation for the roof?

Yes, please see the Private Events page for more info.

Can I bring in a cake or cupcakes for dessert?

There is a $3 per person for a plating fee for any outside food that is brought into the restaurant. With enough notice (three days at least), we will be happy to have our culinary team bake you a cake in-house. $60 for a small cake to feed 8-10 people. $120 for a larger cake that feeds up to 20 people. We can accommodate most requests for flavors.

What is your corkage fee?

$20 per bottle with a limit of two bottles per table.

Is Eventide family friendly?

Most of us who work at Eventide are parents, so we understand the need for a nice place to go out to dinner with the kids. In addition, we believe in serving the youngsters the same high quality, healthful food we provide for adults. As a result, we are offering a special option for families who aren't ready for "prime time" evening dining yet, but still want a refined restaurant experience with excellent culinary options. Come in any night before 6:30 and kids age 6 and younger will get the chef's daily selection of fresh steamed vegetables, fresh fruit and tender cuts of meat at NO cost*. It is our hope that this will provide both the comfortable and exceptional family dining experience you've been looking for. If the chef’s selection is not to your liking, we would be happy to create something from our existing menu options.

*Please note: One free "kid's plate" per adult entree ordered. They are $9 each otherwise. Please remember that this special offer is only available to tables that are seated at 6:30 or earlier.

Are you able to accommodate diners with food allergies?

Definitely. Please let your server know what allergies you have and we will take every precaution when making your meal. If you have a list of items that you cannot ingest, please print them and bring them with you to hand to your server. You can be confident that our chef will change out all cutting boards and carefully check all ingredients when preparing your meal, but remember that alerting your server of your allergies is your responsibility, even if you don’t think you’re ordering anything that could cause a reaction. We’ve found that it is best if we know in advance of your arrival, so feel free to call us ahead of time or make a note in Open Table.

Why is it sometimes difficult to get a reservation but when I dine, I see that there are plenty of tables that are unseated?

We book tables based on an estimate that most people dine for two hours at our restaurant. That being said, for example, we can't seat a table at 7:00 if we need it for an 8:00 or 8:30 reservation. We'll never purposefully hold a table open all night—we’re in the business of seating people. Also, oftentimes guests "no show" for their reservation or choose to stay in the bar, and we won't have a walk-in to fill their seats, so it stays empty.

Is Eventide accessible to persons with disabilities?

Absolutely. We have an elevator that goes to the second floor dining room as well as the roof. There are bathrooms on all three levels that are easily wheelchair accessible. Please call us if you have any specific questions that aren't answered here.